Queen of the Arctic (Behind the Scenes)

The “Queen of the Arctic” artwork featuring Sofiya Chorniy – Miss
Earth Canada 2013 was created to support the Save The Arctic movement.

The photo represents the sadness and hopelessness a Queen of the Arctic would experience if there was an oil spill in her dream.

“26 years ago (March 24th 2015), the Exxon Valdez supertanker hit a
reef off the coast of Alaska - causing one of the worst man-made
environmental disasters in U.S. history. Over
11 million gallons of crude oil spewed into the pristine Arctic waters,
killing hundreds of thousands marine animals like seabirds, otters, and
seals. The damage is still visible and felt today. Now, Shell is planning to drill in the Alaskan Arctic as soon as this summer. We can’t let history repeat itself! Tell President Obama to make the Alaskan Arctic off limits to oil drilling” Greenpeace.


Viviana Puello - Editor in Chief ArtTour International about the Queen of the Arctic artwork:

“Who could embody a loving, saddened “Queen of The Arctic” better
than a fair, gorgeous beauty queen with a strong environmental
conscience? That’s what artist and activist Marie Copps thought when she
asked Miss Earth Canada 2013, Sofiya Chorniy, to be the face of her
campaign which aims at raising public awareness about not only the
dangers, but the very real damage allowing big oil companies like Shell
to explore regions like the Alaskan Arctic.

Passionate about the cause, and armed with the strong belief that art
can inspire people to think and act different from how they would
otherwise, Marie Copps created an awe inspiring and thought provoking
work of art, giving a very human voice and image to the nightmare of
Arctic destruction which could come out of oil drilling in the glacier
area, endangering not only the local polar bears but the very Earth

Read more about the Queen of the Arctic artwork in ArtTour International Spring issue coming out in April.



Photography and Costume Design - Marie Copps | Creative Director - Michelle Aristocrat | Model - Sofiya Chorniy - Miss Earth Canada 2013 | Make-up, Hair and Manicure - Valentina Dang | Make-up provided by MarieNatie Cosmetics Images of nature - Getty Images | Post-production - Marie Copps

Photo Marie Copps

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