Queen of the Arctic presented by ArtTour International Magazine at the Florence Design Week

FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA - An exhibition presented by Arttour International Magazine in collaboration with Vivid Arts Network.

“From Sea to Shinning Sea” is an international campaign launched by Arttour International Magazine with the goal of heightening public awareness of the need for ocean conservation.
“From Sea to Shining Sea” will show how our lives are connected to the seas, illustrate the rapidly mounting problems threatening coastlines and open oceans, and feature promising efforts to manage oceans and oceanic resources in a sustainable manner. The exhibition and its accompanying program will introduce the public of all ages to the science underlying ocean conservation.

This program is supported by an exhibition curated by Arttour International Magazine’s Editor in Chief, international artist, writer and activist Viviana Puello. The exhibition is a fun and an intriguing opportunity to spread awareness amongst all ages with the presentation of a series of photography, paintings and video production.

Presenting the photography & video work by artist Marie Copps from Canada, Photography by Suzanne Duncan from Australia, paintings by Sharon Ross from UK and the video production “Ocean Wonders” by Alan Grimandi from Italy.

Visitors will discover in avant- première exclusive footage of the “Queen of the Arctic”, a video production by Marie Copps featuring 2013 Miss Earth Canada, Sofiya Chorniy, as well as the thrilling presentation “Ocean Wonders” by Alan Grimandi produced by Arttour International Magazine, an exploration, research, and media project to inspire and help protect the last wild places in the ocean.

Marie Copps Queen of the Arctic:

The exhibition presents breathtaking images of the series “Queen of the Arctic” by Canadian designer, artist and activist Marie Copps’ in collaboration with the 2013 Miss Earth Canada pageant winner, Sofiya Chorniy. The series was created in an effort to support the “Save the Arctic” campaign by Greenpeace to prevent oil drilling and industrial fishing throughout the area. The campaign explains the hazards of oil drilling, and petitions concerned people to fight against the detriments of the Shell Company by supporting the creation of a sanctuary of sorts in the Arctic.

There is also the goal of prompting a United Nations resolution concerning protection of the area. It is purported that around 20% of the world’s remaining undiscovered gas and oil resources exist within the Arctic – and as other attainable fossil fuel reserves are exploited and extracted, companies look to the Arctic to supply demand for these resources, heedless of the damage it causes. Not only does this cause the Arctic ice packs to shrink, irreparably destroying climates and killing native species in the process, but it creates the fear of an oil spill, the result of which would be horrendous to the beautiful region.

Such a beautiful and thought provoking project cannot be ignored, as the enthusiastic response we’ve seen from our own readers has shown. For that reason, we are grateful and proud to have the opportunity to help Marie Copps and Miss Earth Canada 2013, Sofiya Chorniy, in their efforts to bring the issue of oil drilling in the Alaskan Arctic, which has recently been revealed as one of oil giant Shell’s most recent endeavors, into the public debate, so that action can be taken to protect the area from such dangers and avoid future major environmental crises.

I believe that the fusion of art and environment is a powerful synergistic tool for positive social change. Sharing your energy through artistic expression allows you to connect, move and inspire people around the world. I strongly believe in art as a vehicle to inspire lives to a renewed collective consciousness. - Viviana Puello – ATIM Founder & Publisher


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